It’s been a while

It’s been exactly a month since I update this space. A lot of things been happening with me. Working backwards from today.

  • Three Spears – The first ever project the guys took on will be done dusted by end of the week 😀
  • NHS Choices User council – last meeting was today. This is now cease to exist but they are doing more awesome stuff so I will be jumping on them
  • Perl coursework – due in few days time but for once I am prepared and I have set my milestones so far I’ve managed to stick them. I think for once breaking the habbit I will be able to finish them sooner than I think.
  • Networking – I’ve met some of the coolest people on the planet last week at 2 awesome events. More of that will be in the coming days (as soon as I get through my coursework)
  • Movember – I got a bad ass mo 😀 and I’m stuck with it for 2 months because of a promise I made… I need to finish up the site.
  • InDesign – Yes added it to my arsenal of weapons 😀
  • Personal site and blog – Started drawing up mock up for this. I am using as a matter of convenience somewhere to temporarily hold my thoughts and portfolio till I get up and running.
  • Twitter – I am a sceptic about the social media (yes it’s ironic considering my job) But I started using more and more. It IS useful 🙂

Time is very precious but I think this time around I am more disciplined how I spend time and how I am allocating time to managing my priorities.

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