Back to school

Finally I am doing MSc. I didn’t do quite well in BEng as I hoped. I didn’t listen to my lecturer at the time.

You can’t look after anyone else if you don’t look after your self

Those were her exact words and something that failed to listen at the time but never forget any more. It’s been haunting me forever. Hopefully MSc in BioInformatics would allow me to put that right. Leave the nightmare behind.

I think I was quite lucky to get in to MSc. I got  ripped apart in my interview. My references came in very late. I am still not properly enrolled because I am waiting for the documents to come through. So I got to make the most of this. But this would be just the beginning.  2 evenings per week (learn Unix, Perl and Java). It’s going to be fun. Brings back some some bad memories and some good memories. Oh and I am totally not using the MSc as an excuse to break my bank to buy one of those Alienware :D.

In the coming weeks I will be putting up the Tutorials I’ve learnt here. Mainly as a personal record and also hope it would be use to someone.


Java Tutorial – Installing JAVA SE Development Kit (JDK)

Before writing a JAVA program first need to download JDK which allows write JAVA and compile the code.

  1. Download appropriate JAVA SE Development Kit (JDK) for your operating system
  2. Run the Installation
  3. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0\bin (this location may change in any instance you want to navigate to bin in JDK installation) make sure you have the .exe files there.
  4. copy the location of the bin C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0\bin
  5. Right click on computer and select properties > Advanced System settings > Environment variablesenvironment variables location
  6. Click on New and Variable name as Path and variable value as location of the bin so in my case it would be C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0\binUser Variable
  7. Click OK  OK
  8. To make sure compiler is working and ready for JAVA programming open cmd and run JavaC and if Java Compliler is working should get some random code as belowJavaC Working
Special thanks to Bucky Roberts for the clear accompanying video tutorial 

XAMPP Troubleshooting Apache won’t start

Configuring XAMPP for use in Windows

Issue #1 Apache server would not start.

Check for php.ini in the apache location below. For me it was missing php.ini file from drive:\xampp\apache\bin

Fix: #1 copy php.ini file from drive:\xampp\php and paste it in to the -> drive:\xampp\apache\bin

Issue #2 Localhost conguration of the XAMPP/Apache.

I did a port check it showed default port 80 was used by system (i.e. have IIS running) so http://localhost would not load the default xamp page instead it load the site I have in inetpub XAMPP Portc check

I use Tomcat (HTTP) port: 8080. In the above screen status shows it’s been used by a program. I am running XAMPP Apache hence its NOT free. if it’s not free and another program using that program shut it down (Skype is annoyance and often it’s skype).

If you have IIS running as well then you have to either

  1. Uninstall IIS
  2. Shut down IIS or
  3. Configure APACHE to use another port if you want to keep IIS running.

Fix1: Uninstall IIS

Programs > Windows features Turn on / Off > untick off Internet Information Systems >save

Fix2: Shutdown IIS

Right click and run cmd (windows command line) as an administrator and use the following commands

iisrest /stop

windows may restart IIS each time you turn n computer so you may have to run this command.

please make note of the following commands to restart IIS
iisrset /restart
iisreset /start

Fix3: Configure APACHE to use another port if you want IIS running at the same time

Configure the httpd.conf file located in the location below installation location drive: \xampp\apache\conf Locate following in the file #Listen #Listen [::]:80 Listen 80 and ServerName localhost:80 change these to #Listen #Listen [::]:8080 Listen 8080 and ServerName localhost:8080 and save to get it all working make sure your URLs are as below.

Update: Video tutorial

I found this video Youtube (credits: GSNTube5)

I see alot of views on this page. I hope this is working for you. Please comment whether this worked for you or not. It would help others.

Ebay wordpress development What you can do


layout Options

Promotion Box A customisable display that you can use for a variety of purposes, such as highlighting featured items, announcing offers, or providing alternative ways for members to browse your Shop. Learn more about promotion boxes – opens in a new window or tab.
Item Showcase An item display that enables you to highlight items you’re selling. Use it to draw attention to special items or to show buyers a typical sample from your Shop. Learn more about the item showcase – opens in a new window or tab.
Text Section A section in which you can enter either plain text or HTML. If you don’t know HTML, you can easily format your text (such as choosing a font and colour) using eBay’s text editor.
Item List An item display that enables you to show a larger set of items. The items will be selected automatically based on search criteria you specify (such as keywords or a price range). Whenever an item ends, it is replaced immediately with another item that meets the criteria. Learn more about the item list – opens in a new window or tab.
Picture Placement A section in which you can place a picture. Let eBay host your pictures or use your own web hosting service. Attract more buyers by making your pictures clickable.
FAQs A frequently asked question (FAQ) page that you can create to answer custom questions.
  1. Enable/Disable left Navigation