XAMPP Troubleshooting Apache won’t start

Configuring XAMPP for use in Windows

Issue #1 Apache server would not start.

Check for php.ini in the apache location below. For me it was missing php.ini file from drive:\xampp\apache\bin

Fix: #1 copy php.ini file from drive:\xampp\php and paste it in to the -> drive:\xampp\apache\bin

Issue #2 Localhost conguration of the XAMPP/Apache.

I did a port check it showed default port 80 was used by system (i.e. have IIS running) so http://localhost would not load the default xamp page instead it load the site I have in inetpub XAMPP Portc check

I use Tomcat (HTTP) port: 8080. In the above screen status shows it’s been used by a program. I am running XAMPP Apache hence its NOT free. if it’s not free and another program using that program shut it down (Skype is annoyance and often it’s skype).

If you have IIS running as well then you have to either

  1. Uninstall IIS
  2. Shut down IIS or
  3. Configure APACHE to use another port if you want to keep IIS running.

Fix1: Uninstall IIS

Programs > Windows features Turn on / Off > untick off Internet Information Systems >save

Fix2: Shutdown IIS

Right click and run cmd (windows command line) as an administrator and use the following commands

iisrest /stop

windows may restart IIS each time you turn n computer so you may have to run this command.

please make note of the following commands to restart IIS
iisrset /restart
iisreset /start

Fix3: Configure APACHE to use another port if you want IIS running at the same time

Configure the httpd.conf file located in the location below installation location drive: \xampp\apache\conf Locate following in the file #Listen #Listen [::]:80 Listen 80 and ServerName localhost:80 change these to #Listen #Listen [::]:8080 Listen 8080 and ServerName localhost:8080 and save to get it all working make sure your URLs are as below.

Update: Video tutorial

I found this video Youtube (credits: GSNTube5)

I see alot of views on this page. I hope this is working for you. Please comment whether this worked for you or not. It would help others.