Seabird, Beam and Future of phones… bye bye laptops and TV?

Just over a year ago Billy May developed a Seabird concept mobile phone as part of Mozilla Firefox Conecept series. What excited me most is the Holographic HUD displays and new user interaction possibilities.

Reason for this post right now is that Samung just unveiled Samsung Beam smaprt phone with projector at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2012 – Barcelona. This pretty much pave the way for realising the Seabird a reality and open up new possibilities. Checkout the videos below.

The way mobile technology is progressing would we be ditiching the TVs/Laptops soon?

Seabird concept phone by Bill May

Samsung Beam

Can lessons of user experience solve medical problems?

User experience is about making complex actions simple and easier to understand for the user so action be performed intuitively quickly and efficiently. it’s about¬†eliminating need for training, help files long descriptions.

Cancer is such a problem. Millions are spent on cancer prevention and reducing the deaths. But if the cancer can be detected early and surgery can be performed quickly efficiently and without follow up surgeries and complications it will save alot of lives. (yes there are always exceptions).

Colour coded text books etc often used to teach about anatomy make it easier to understand. However in real life it’s completely different ball game. However this gives an insight in to solution to enhance the surgery experience and allow surgery to be¬†conducted¬†quickly and efficiently.

Quyen Nguyen’s a brilliant talk at TEDMed talks about using fluorecent markers to identify tumours. From outlook it seems it’s all biology. But infact the solution is based on user experience principles. Make it simple quick and efficient to perform the task and save lives.

Can lessons of user experience help tackle most pressing medical problems? yes it can