Firefox goes 3D – I kid you NOT!! Bring on the 3D web and UI!!!

Today I was accidently selected FF developer tools instead of firebug and found Firefox introduced 3D view!!!! and it look amazing.

It gives a clear picture of how elements are arranged. It’s quite amazing to be able to see BBC website for example and how they built it and maintain the layers.

Most exciting thing is not just to see a website structure in 3D but the prospect of having something view videos in a 3D mode and be able to browse it all in 3D and shift through layers as a user.

We are not too far away from that considering rapid advances in technology like Samsung Smart screen, Minority style UI and MS Kinect

Youtube in 3D

BBC in 3D

Samsung’s Transparent Smart Window

John Underkoffler points to the future of UI

Seabird, Beam and Future of phones… bye bye laptops and TV?

Just over a year ago Billy May developed a Seabird concept mobile phone as part of Mozilla Firefox Conecept series. What excited me most is the Holographic HUD displays and new user interaction possibilities.

Reason for this post right now is that Samung just unveiled Samsung Beam smaprt phone with projector at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2012 – Barcelona. This pretty much pave the way for realising the Seabird a reality and open up new possibilities. Checkout the videos below.

The way mobile technology is progressing would we be ditiching the TVs/Laptops soon?

Seabird concept phone by Bill May

Samsung Beam