Useful links


  • Typographica Review of typefaces and typography books, with occasional commentary on fonts and typographic design.
  • Dribbble – daily dose of inspiration
  • FastCo Design– Brilliant design/tech blog by the Fast Company
  • FFFFOUND – Eerie logo but nonetheless have some amazing collection of work
  • Jonathan Harris – This guy done some amazing data visualisation work
  • Stamen Design – Awesome agency with some amazing data visualisation work


  • jsfiddle – Test/Quick protoyping JS, HTML and CSS
  • beautify– Beautify, unpack or deobfuscate JavaScript and HTML, make JSON/JSONP readable, etc.
  • minify – minify javascript files
  • jslint – Test JS Quality
  • Raphaël – JavaScript library that simplify work with vector graphics on the web
  • MobileESPE – Detect mobile visitors


  • JAVA SE Development Kit (JDK) – For Java development.
  • Eclispse IDE – Tools for Java developers creating Java EE and Web applications, including a Java IDE, tools for Java EE, JPA, JSF, Mylyn and others.

Be Inspired

  • TED – Technology, Entertainment and Design. You will not find a better site than this anywhere GUARANTEED!!



  • Thinks with GoogleGoogle’s source for insights, trends and research in digital marketing.



  • SequoiaView (JDK) – Figure out why the hard drive is so full!!.

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